EW Shipping and Trading PVT Ltd was founded in Karachi only in May 2019, but by practiced entrepreneurs with over 150 years of combined experience in business dealings in Russia/Former Soviet Union Countries, Eastern Europe, UK, Singapore and the Far East including China, Japan, Korea. It is our aim to bring the benefit of this experience and extensive network of direct contacts here to Pakistan and for our customers.

Our depth of experience is in the following main areas but we have interest in developing anything where we can bring benefit to Pakistan and the economy here:

  • Shipping and all areas Marine
  • Trading: particularly Minerals, Grains, Pulses
  • Cloth. Clothing and Yarns
  • Heavy Duty Industrial Machinery and Equipment
  • Refractory Material (all types of Refractory bricks and associated products)
  • Green Sustainable Power and Electric Generation solutions for Industry and Remote Locations


We operate as an international shipping and commodities trading company. We facilitate commodities distribution and business growth opportunities for our partners and clients globally. We are either trading and marketing directly owned commodities or brooking commodities acting as a direct liaison between Buyers and Sellers. We work with a range of energy related commodities, from Renewable’s and Crude oil to Refined oil products, Coal, Metals and Minerals such as Iron Ore, Calcium Fluoride, Refractory Materials, metal and Ship Scrap as well as Agricultural products (food commodities) such as Sugar, Wheat and Rice and Pulses.


We have cooperation-/relationships with various suppliers, government organizations, trading companies, mines and refineries within Pakistan and in different places over the world in order to source our commodities and we maintain strategic relationships with many end users, proven resellers, traders, bunker companies, power plants for the sale of our commodities in the primary or secondary market and we always try to find the best pricing for our clients.